Rector Prof. Dr. Demirdağ's New Year Message


Our esteemed academic staff, administrative staff, dear students of our university and esteemed Elazığlılar, As we leave behind 2017, we enter a new year with new hopes, with a sense of peace and fraternity. We had a hard year for our country and our geography. It was a year when we shared the painful news with sorrow and saw the treachery. Thanks to the national unity and solidarity of the Turkish people, we were able to cling more and more to each other in solidarity, not only to betray them, but also to come from above. As a university in 2017, our country and our region will reach the targets of 2023 investments and successful scientific studies have signed. I believe that our university will have an even more successful year in 2018. With this feeling and thought; I wish that the year 2018 will bring peace, happiness and fraternity to my country and all humanity; I celebrate the new year of Elazığlı folks and the Firat University community.