Let's Meet on Twitter with the hashtag "#Firatsenibekliyor" at 20.00 tonight!

A promotional campaign will be held on Twitter with the hashtag "#FıratSeniBekliyor" by our university this evening at 20:00.

A promotional campaign will be carried out on social media in order to attract the attention of student candidates to Elazig and our University,which is among the most well-established universities in our country with approximately 50 thousand people including students, academic and administrative staff, during the period of university preferences between 05-20 August 2021.

The work to be done on social media aims to attract the attention of young people and to show the student candidates the advantages of Elazig and our University.

The Most Comprehensive Promotional Attempt in the History of Our University

This evening, the most comprehensive promotional attempt in the history of our university

on social media, will be held with the support of our fellow citizens from Elazığ.

Tonight at 20.00 on Twitter, with the hashtag "#FıratSeniBekliyor", posts about the advantages and benefits of Elazığ and our University will be shared to encourage the student candidates to study in Elazığ. In addition, many promotional videos  about our University will be shown on Instagram.

Let's meet on Twitter with the hashtag "#Firatsenibekliyor”

It is so important for both Elazığ and our University contributing hugely to the development of Elazığ in many ways to increase the number of the students and to encourage the successful students to study in Elazığ. Therefore, we want our citizens to support our campaign on Twitter with the hashtag "#Firatsenibekliyor” for both our city and university.

See you on Twitter for our city and university when it shows 20:00!

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