Our University Rector Prof. Dr. Fahrettin GÖKTAŞ, “We Have No Shortage of Dormitory and Accommodation in Elazig”

Our University Rector Prof. Dr. Fahrettin GÖKTAŞ, “We Have No Shortage of Dormitory and Accommodation in Elazig”

Our University Rector Prof. Dr. Fahrettin GÖKTAŞ encouraged the student candidates to choose our University as the guest of the joint live broadcast of Kanal 23, Kanal Fırat and Kanal E Televisions.

Our University Rector Prof. Dr. Fahrettin GÖKTAŞ, who is frequently introducing Fırat University in the national and local media during the period of university preferences, is making a great effort to encourage the canditate students to choose Elazığ and Fırat University.

On Kanal 23, Kanal Fırat and Kanal E joint live broadcast, Rector Prof. Dr. Fahrettin GÖKTAŞ has answered Elif Doğan and Canan Gedik Ay’s questions and talked about the social-academic awareness works at the university.

Rector Prof. Dr. GÖKTAŞ: We Are One of Turkey's Most Rooted Universities

Rector Prof. Dr. GÖKTAŞ, who has stated that Our University is one of Turkey's Most Rooted Universities, has said“Fırat University has completed almost 100 percent of its academic structure and 80 percent of its physical structure. When the university becomes rooted, the number of faculties and departments increases at the same rate. We currently have 16 faculties that are open and active. There are currently 437 professors at our university. When this number is compared with  those of the universities in our neighboring provinces, the number of professors in some universities may not even have reached 100. We also host many academics who have completed their Phd and continued their education life in Turkey's older universities. Fırat University trains academics for many institutions in Turkey. Since we offer master's and Phd degrees in our own university, our rate of educating academicians is very high. No matter which university you consider, you will see most of the professors have completed their academic life at Fırat University. We do not have any lacks in academic terms."

Prof. Dr. Göktaş: We Have a University with a Green Campus

Talking about the campus facilities of our university, Rector Prof. Dr. GÖKTAŞ said, “If our planned programs are opened next year, which means that the physical infrastructure of our city and the current facilities of our university will let Elazığ gain the freedom of the student city. We do not have any shortcomings in faculty or management buildings. Since Fırat university is located at the city centre of Elazığ and our young people living in Elazig come to our university to relax, most of the people in Elazığ know what kind of a campus we have. We have a university with a green campus. Our city is already a worthy city. Our students do not have any problems about transportation. In recent years, Turkey has really reached a level to be compared with European countries in terms of transportation. No matter where they come from, they can arrive in Elazig easily and safely. Our municipality offers all kinds of transportation services to the campus. We have a campus located on Malatya Road. Even there you  can easily find city buses running every half hour.”


Prof. Dr. GÖKTAŞ: We do not have any shortage of accomodation or dormitory in Elazığ

Our University Rector Prof. Dr. Fahrettin GÖKTAŞ said, “  We guess that approximately 5 thousand 500 students will choose our university this year, and we consider that there will be need for approximately 2 thousand 500 dormitories. Thus there is currently a dormitory with a capacity of 12 thousand students in our city. As far as I know, private dormitories were built again this year. Therefore we do not have any shortage of accomodation in Elazığ. Our students also prefer to rent a house. Since houses have been built within the scope of urban transformation in our city, most of these houses are suitable for our students to rent. I don't think there will be any problem regarding dormitory, housing or accommodation."

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