Our University has topped the great popularity on social media!

The hashtag “FıratSeniBekliyor” campaign, launched by our university on Twitter in order to contribute to the promotion of our university and Elazığ during the university selection period, achieved great success and became Twitter trending topic. Thousands of posts were shared on Twitter with the hashtag #FıratSeniBekliyor, ending up becoming a national trending topic.

The biggest promotional campaign in the history of our University on Twitter starting at 20.00 saw thousands of posts within minutes.

The potential, opportunities ​​and advantages of our University and Elazig were shown on the posts.

The hashtag #FıratSeniBekliyor by our university getting thousands of posts has become a national trending topic.

Provincial administrators, politicians, institution directors, bureaucrats from outside the city, representatives of civil society organization, academics, journalists, Elazig associations outside the city, students and citizens supported the campaign.

Moreover , the campaign received support from some famous people from Elazig, such as Bülent Serttaş and Esat Kabakli.

Along with the campaign on Twitter, a big promotional attempt was also made on Instagram. Promotional videos about Fırat University were shared on many Instagram pages with millions of followers, which are especially used by young people. The shared videos were highly appreciated by Instagram users.

Updated Date: 09-08-2021 10:49 |