YDS/YÖKDİL Course Registrations from Fırat University Continuing Education Center (FÜSEM) have started.

Registrations for YDS/YÖKDİL Courses have started under the coordination of Fırat University Continuing Education Center with Language Instructor Arzu BİLHAN, an expert in her field.

Language training offers 3 different course programs. To enroll in the most suitable course program for you;

Pbx: 0850 241 95 02

Switchboard: 0424 237 00 00 6512-6513


For more information;

Foreign Language Course YDS-YÖKDİL 🌐 Sayfa=urun&id=1&uid=57

Foreign Language Course ONLINE Question Solution 🌐 Sayfa=urun&id=1&uid=56

Foreign Language Course Preparation 🌐 Sayfa=urun&id=1&uid=55

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