Groundbreaking Ceremony of Faculty of Dentistry and Hospital of our University Took Place

The groundbreaking ceremony of our University’s Faculty of Dentistry and Dental Hospital building was held.

Elazig Governor Erkaya YIRIK,  Ak Party MKYK Member and Elazig Deputy Metin BULUT, Deputy Zülfü DEMİRBAĞ, Mayor Şahin ŞERİFOĞULLARI, Rector of our University Prof. Dr. Fahrettin GÖKTAŞ, Police Chief Celal SEL, Gendarmerie Regiment Commander Colonel Ali YILDIZ, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Bilal USTUNDAG, Prof. Dr. Soner ÖZGEN, Prof. Dr. Mehmet YILMAZ, Secretary General Prof. Dr. Sinan AKPINAR, Provincial Mufti Selami AYDIN, Heads of Political Parties, Directors of Public Institutions and Organizations, Faculty Deans and guests attended the groundbreaking ceremony of our University Faculty of Dentistry and Dental Hospital building which will serve not only Elazig but also the region, and where training will be carried out with its state-of-the-art facilities by stopping people going to the surrounding provinces for dental treatment when it is completed.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, our University Rector Prof. Dr. Fahrettin GÖKTAŞ stated that Faculty of Dentistry, which was established in 2013, and the Oral and Dental Health Center, which was established in 2016, continue to serve Elazig and the region and he added "The Faculty of Dentistry Hospital is currently serving within the Faculty of Medicine building. Within our hospital; we have  8 departments and 1 Professor, 4 Associate Professors, 17 Doctoral Faculty Members and 31 Research Assistants work as academic staff of these departments. In our center, which started oral and dental health treatment services with 44 dental units,  there are 1 Panoramic and Cephalometric device, 1 Dental Tomography device, 4 X-ray devices, Central Sterilization unit, 4 Local Intervention areas and 1 Cat Cam device.

Stating that Faculty of Dentistry and Dental Hospital will be an important investment for Elazig to reach its goals of becoming a health city, Rector Prof. Dr. Göktaş said  “Faculty of Dentistry and  Dental Hospital building, which we will lay the foundation of today, will promote the development of Elazığ in the field of health services, and will contribute greatly to better dental health services for our people.”

The Faculty of Dentistry and Hospital consists of a construction area of ​​approximately 17.000 square meters.14.500 square meters of this is closed. The area of a parking lot is  2.500 square meters and a wide space is planned for landscaping. Our building will be built on 2 main blocks as a faculty and a hospital. Within the faculty building; There will be 6 lecture halls for 120 people, 5 student laboratories, 1 phantom laboratory, 1 preclinical, 1 conference hall for 150 people, the Dean's Office and administrative units, administrative and academic staff offices, cafeteria and resting areas.

In the hospital part, which will consist of 165 units in total, there will be clinics including the departments of Ordotontics, Periontology, Endodontics, Restoratives, Pediatric Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology and Basic Medical Sciences, Preaprical unit, Disabled Individual clinic, Prisoner and Convict clinics, operating rooms, inpatient rooms, disinfection and washing units, plaster casting room and laboratories, patient admission and consultation, waiting rooms, children's playgrounds, baby care room and technical unit offices.

We are planning to complete our project at the end of 2022 and make it work for our people in Elazig and the region. I would like to thank our Governor, Deputies, Mayor, Director of National Education, former Rector and everyone who contributed this important project to our city and university.”

Elazig Mayor Şahin ŞERİFOĞULLARI expressed that he was very happy to be at the groundbreaking ceremony of such an important investment and said, “We know that the most important investment in humanity is the investment in education and health. The Faculty of Dentistry and the hospital, which we will lay the foundation of today, will serve not only our province but also our region, and will also contribute to our province's becoming an important center in the field of health in its region. I would like to express my thanks to the dear governor and deputies who contributed to this investment. I am well aware of our Rector’s efforts to bring this investment to our city as soon as possible after he started to work. Again, thank you to all those who contributed. I hope that this investment will make our province, region and country much better.

Elazığ Deputy Zülfü DEMİRBAĞ reminded that Fırat University has made great contributions not only to Elazığ but also to the higher education of the region since 1975, and said, “Especially our rector Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Göktaş did some important and great works after he was appointed as a rector to Fırat University.  I want to thank him. Hopefully, we are planning to bring our law faculty to our city by putting the necessary efforts together with our esteemed rector and friends in a short time. Hopefully, we are proud of delivering such an  important service to our region. Thanks to the Dental Hospital, which we will lay the foundation of, Elazig and our region will have the desired and needed dental health services.”

AK Party MKYK Member and Elazig Deputy Metin BULUT stated that he thanked everyone for their contributions to the construction of the Faculty of Dentistry and the Hospital and said, “Elazig had a lack of the Dental Hospital. When we complete both our faculty building and our hospital, which we lay the foundations of today, hopefully we will have got rid of this problem. I wish the hospital and our faculty will be good for our city and university.”

Elazig Governor Erkaya YIRIK wished that the project would be beneficial for Elazig and our region and said, “Today, we will be the witnesses to a very good investment here together. Fırat University is one of the great values ​​of our Elazığ, which has educated many students, trained many patriotic people and contributed hugely to our country since it was founded in 1975. Science and art leave a place where they are not appreciated. This investment prevents science and art from leaving Elazığ. This investment, as a regional hospital, as a regional faculty, allows our citizens from the regional provinces to arrive Elazığ for treatment. The investment here will become beneficial not only for the health sector, but also for our tradesmen, our market, the transporter and the entire sector of the economy. Our Elazig is improving every day. I would like to express my thanks to everyone for their contributions. Good luck.”

After the speeches, the participants pressed the buttons to lay the groundwork together.

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