Fırat University is in the "World's Most Effective Scientists List"


30 faculty members from Fırat University were included in the list of the most successful scientists in the world published by John IOANNIDIS and his friends in the journal "Plos Biology" from Stanford University.

Stanford University scientists professor. Dr. John P. A. IOANNIDIS and his research team published a list of 160 thousand people, which is in the top 2 percent among 7 million scientists from different sub-disciplines of the world, in the journal "Plos Biology".

While creating the list, the number of qualified publications accepted as the most concrete output of academic performance, the impact value of the journal in which the articles were published, the number of citations to their studies, h-index, hm index, number patents, names and single titles, the number of articles cited and the number of articles cited. Basic and serious international criteria such as "the impact value of the journal it is published in" were used.

List of 45 Most university academics from Turkey entering the ITU. ITU, Fırat University with 30 academics, Koç University with 29 academics, Gazi University with 27 academics. and Hacettepe University, Bilkent University with 24 academics, KTU with 23 academics, METU with 22 academics.

Fırat University Rector Prof. Dr. Fahrettin GÖKTAŞ congratulated the faculty members on the "Most Effective Scientists" list and wished them success.

Our Professors Included In The List From Our University;

Prof. Dr. Kazım ŞAHİN, Prof. Dr. M. Enis YONAR, Prof. Dr. Nurhan ŞAHİN, Prof. Dr. Munir AKTAŞ, Prof. Dr. Meral ÖZEL, Prof. Dr. Harun TANYILDIZI, Prof. Dr. Süleyman AYDIN, Prof. Dr. Gaffari TÜRK, Prof. Dr. Ahmet ATEŞŞAHİN, Prof. Dr. Burcu ÖZCAN, Prof. Dr. Mehmet ESEN, Prof. Dr. Ebru KAVAK AKPINAR, Prof. Dr. Nihan TOSUN, Prof. Dr. Hikmet ESEN, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin BENLİ, Prof. Dr. Cumali İLKILIÇ, Prof. Dr. Hakan Fehmi ÖZTOP, Prof. Dr. Yasin VAROL, Prof. Dr. Mehmet ERDEM, Prof. Dr. H. Soner ALTUNDOĞAN, Prof. Dr. Bilal ALATAŞ, Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir ŞENGUR, Prof. Dr. Fatih ÖZKAYNAK, Prof. Dr. Engin AVCI, Prof. Dr. İlhan AYDIN, Prof. Dr. Resul DAŞ, Prof. Dr. Mikail ET, Prof. Dr. Fahrettin YAKUPHANOĞLU, Prof. Dr. Mustafa İNÇ ve Prof. Dr. Hasan BULUT

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