October 29 Republic Day Celebrated with Enthusiasm at Nursery and Day Care Center of our....

October 29 Republic Day was celebrated with enthusiasm at Nursery and Day Care center.

The students of the Nursery and Day Care Center, the Vice Rector of Fırat University, Prof. Dr. Bilal ÜSTÜNDAĞ, Secretary General Prof. Dr. Sinan AKPINAR and student families  attended the ceremony.


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7 TUBITAK 1001 Projects Prepared in Our University Accepted...

7 of the project proposals prepared by our university academics and submitted to TÜBİTAK 1001 programs in the first term of 2021 were entitled to be supported as a result of scientific evaluation.

While 6 projects were supported within the scope of TÜBİTAK 1001 programs,....

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Digital Stamp created for 29 October Republic Day....

You can visit 29ekim.firat.edu.tr for your digital stamp of 29 October Republic Day

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Listen to Music on Campus!...

Our university has started “Music on Campus” events  in order to increase the motivation of the students who came to the campus after a long time. Within the scope of the events, the students had fun and enjoyed the music outside on campus.

Organized by....

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