A Cooperation Protocol Signed Between Our University and Bayburt University

A protocol was signed between our university and Bayburt University to strengthen the cooperation and to ensure that the applicable results are transferred to the parties' own development. The protocol was signed by the Rector of our University, Prof. Dr. Fahrettin GÖKTAŞ and Bayburt University Rector Prof. Dr. Mutlu TÜRKMEN.

Within the scope of the protocol, the two sides reached an agreement on issues such as carrying out project studies between the parties in scientific and technological fields through Research Centers; carrying out studies that will enable international students to receive mutual education and ensuring mutual recognition of international student exams; carrying out joint studies in events such as seminars, conferences, interviews, panels, conducting mutual joint studies in distance education applications.

After the signing of the protocol, a meeting between the delegations was also held at the rector's office in the Bâbertî Complex, Bayburt University. Rector GÖKTAŞ and Rector TÜRKMEN considered the possible cooperation opportunities and expressed their opinions about the joint studies being carried out between the two universities during the meeting.

Stating that Bayburt University has made a good name for its successful works, Rector GÖKTAŞ stated that they will be in a constant consultation with Bayburt University to foster the national and universal values. Rector Prof. Dr. Fahrettin GÖKTAŞ thanked Rector TÜRKMEN for his hospitality and wished him good luck in his new position.

Rector TÜRKMEN, on the other hand, emphasized that Fırat University is one of the most important universities in Turkey and stated that they will increase the mutual cooperation carried out in many different fields, especially education and training. Expressing his satisfaction with their visit, Rector Prof. Dr. TURKMEN thanked his guests for their good wishes.

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