Listen to Music on Campus!

Our university has started “Music on Campus” events  in order to increase the motivation of the students who came to the campus after a long time. Within the scope of the events, the students had fun and enjoyed the music outside on campus.

Organized by our University's Corporate Communications Coordinator and State Conservatory, the event was held on the campus of our University's Rectorate.

Within the scope of the events, the students of the State Conservatory performed live music with their instruments. In addition, students not studying at conservatory attended the event with their instruments.

The students, who had fun on the grass in the open air, thanked the management of our University for the event.

Our University's Corporate Communications Coordinator stated "Due to the coronavirus, our students have been away from our campus for a while. We missed our students, and our students missed their university a lot. In order to increase the morale and motivation of our students returning to our campus, we started an event called “Music on Campus” with the support of our State Conservatory. During the events  that we organize to increase our students’ motivation, the students had the opportunity to enjoy our campus with its nature. As the Corporate Communication Coordinatorship, our social events for our students will continue on our campus.

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